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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
10:35 am

There are quite a few artist opportunities out there, and so I thought I'd post a few. Go crazy!

6 shows and deadlinesCollapse )

Friday, November 4th, 2005
3:11 pm
Not So Silent Night
Tomorrow is IAO's "Not So Silent Night" auction/fundraiser. Yay!

I will have two paintings for sale, both are little ones. One is the "Oven Dial" from the last entry; the other I don't have images of. They both are small; the first is 12"x12", the second is 13"x8"... Wish me luck! If they sell I will get 50%.

Last weekend, I decided to build a few canvases in Fibonacci proportions (Those 1,2,3,5,8,13,22... numbers, where the higher they go, the closer the ratio gets to 1:1.61.) They occur all throughout nature, in things like spirals (pine cones and snail shells) and tree branches. (Apologies if this is old news, I just think it's fascinating)

I think it's really cool that someone found math and geometry in aesthetics. The book Math and the Mona Lisa by Atalay (I forget his first name) talks about- among other things- how rectangles in these proportions are most pleasing to the eye, and what spots within them tend to attract our attention, all based on these numbers and proportions.

...so I am conducting a little experiment with all this math. we'll see...

There is a lot going on in town this weekend, art-wise. [Untitled] is having an opening, also ArtHouse, and the Paseo Art Walk are all happening tonight--
Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
3:53 pm
a few images

ok, here are a few images related to a series I've been working on in relation to kitchens.

 I've been using kitchens because I think that there is something compelling about a mundane space. That's pretty much it. I try to create scenes with odd close-ups or extreme angles, and manipulate color, but the appliances/scenes stay generally recognizable.

Lately, I've been wondering if this series is drifting into cliche... I've done ten or so paintings of kitchen things, is it time to look at something else? Or should I dig a little deeper-- kitchens can be evocative of all kinds of social issues, especially feminist ones: body image and persistent gender roles, for example... Also, the fact that I am referring to kitchens as "mundane spaces" hints at my class and cultural biases.

As interesting as I personally find these political issues, I'm also not sure if my paintings could even address these things...

Basically, I'm wondering if what I'm doing has any artistic "value." Maybe it's time to scale things way up or way down.

Anyway, here are a few imagesCollapse ) 

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
12:06 pm

Okay, I have some images of a recent show (The Girlie Show!!) ...but I don't have time to upload them at the moment...

I'd never been in a show like that before, and it's given me a lot to think about. For example, if I do it again, MAKE MORE HATS! I had a few paintings, but also a lot of knitted, crocheted, and sewn things like handbags, hats (like winter hats), and fingerless gloves. But the hats were sellin' like hotcakes (hatcakes?). I sold every single hat I had, 4 bags, 5 pairs of fingerless gloves, 6 ornaments, and 0 paintings. It's  hard to guess what is going to sell and what isn't on a one-night, four-hour event, so I'm really pleased with the outcome. Plus, the event was packed and it was a lot of fun! Two people I know also had booths, and one had participated in the show last year. I was glad to have had someone with that experience before the show.

Even though none sold, I still think it was worth it to have my paintings there.  A lot of people commented on them; a few had really interesting ideas about them, that would have been some nice conversations if I'd had a bit more time to chat. Anyway, any exposure is a good thing.

The night before the Girlie Show, I got some other good news-- I was accepted into a show at the JRB gallery!! It will open January 1, 2006, and it is called "Oklahoma's Collectible Young, New Artists" I am extremely excited about this- only 12 artists were selected out of 60 who applied. YAY!!

Also upcoming... I will have two paintings in IAO's Not So Silent Night fundraiser on Saturday, November 5!

It's been a busy couple of months. Now that deadlines have passed and I have more time, I'm finding that I still am in a quite productive mode. I figure that's a good thing!

I've been having some thoughts/questions about the content of my work, but I will save that discussion until I actually have some images of it to show...

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
4:56 pm
Hello! I'm starting a blog just to keep track of my art stuff. I'll post images, calls for entry, personal art-related news and, ah, whatever else I think would be useful! I'm going to start with a resource-type entry of web pages that I find handy... For art supplies:

dick blick (I've tried a few, but this is the best-- best price, selection (for what I am looking for anyway) and delivery time. I'm open to suggestions, but I heart dick blick.)

For local art opportunities and events: Independent Artists of Oklahoma (IAO); Oklahoma Visual Art Coalition (OVAC); Oklahoma City Museum of Art; the Arts Council of Oklahoma City; Allied Arts; the untitled (Artspace) 

I will probably add to this entry later (books, national and international websites of interest, etc. etc.), but I am short on both time and mental power right now.

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